Love You In Silence by Neng Utie

Love You In Silence By Neng Utie

Nothing as complicated as love for AJ, Grace and Azha.
"My silence is just another word for my pain." -Grace-"You hurt me more than I deserve because I love you more

than what you deserve." -Azha-"Yes, you hurt me. Yes, you left me. Yes, I cared. Yes, I mad...

but no, I haven’t stopped loving you." -AJ-

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  1. author

    febri2 weeks ago

    min mw novel2 neng utie yang lain donk ><

  2. author

    Hopipah1 week ago

    Min request karya neng utie La vie en rose

  3. author

    Ani5 days ago

    min,request yg my favorite man dong. makasih


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